Monday, November 26, 2012

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - extra

Peter Facinelli is one year shy of the big four-o today. I probably saw him in various stuff, but I think I first cared enough to learn his name when he did Fastlane. Yeah, it was a Miami Vice knock-off, but Peter's major hotness somehow allowed me to overlook that. Bill Bellamy was no slouch either.

Peter has gotten more modest in his work, but he used to have no problem flashing his ass in several movies. Probably my favorite was Supernova, which is also the buffest he's ever been. Plus him playing a nasty boy, grrr.

He's almost done with those movies. If he was smart, he's socked the money away and be set for life. I don't think he'll stop working, though. At least I hope not. It looks like he'll stay on Nurse Jackie for a while. Peter was so pretty in his youth, but that's transforming into handsome as he gets older. Now if he'd only do Dancing with the Stars like his ex did, I'd be really happy. More of Mister Facinelli tomorrow.

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