Monday, May 21, 2012

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

I'm finding it more difficult to find wallpaper material for the summer birthday guys, at least for some weeks. Like this one. So I'm going with my preferred fallback, models. Quite a few don't give out a specific birthday, just a year. Like TJ Hoban, who was born in 1972, making him 40. He's acted here and there, but is probably best known as a fitness model. I've seen this picture floating around the Internet for a while, and finally I know who it is. He's been on the cover of most of the major fitness magazines. You can see more of his abs here, and check out this Bowflex commercial.

Other birthdays this week:

•  Chris Colfer (22)
•  Novak Djokovic (25)
•  Hugh Feist (26)
•  Chris Salvatore (27)
•  Darin Brooks (28)
•  Scott Disick (29)
•  Alex Smith (30)
•  Ben Feldman (32)
•  Lane Garrison (32)
•  Bryan Greenberg (34)
•  Cillian Murphy (36)
•  Eduardo Verástegui (38) (previously featured)
•  Mark Collier (41)
•  Eric Nies (41)
•  Joseph Fiennes (42)
•  Eric Close (45)
•  Eddie McClintock (45)
•  Jim Bentley (52)
•  Richard Hatch (67)

•  David Groh (deceased)

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