Sunday, April 1, 2012

DDoM - DeCoteau Dude of the Month, Part 1

This month's DeCoteau dude is Aaron Jaeger. Not a lot to say about him, since he's not done much between the two movies he did with David, The Brotherhood VI: Initiation and Christmas Spirit. I think you can see him in this excerpt from The Brotherhood VI. I believe he's third from the right. If I'm wrong, I don't think that'll detract from your appreciation.

I've been doing some digging, and have discovered David's next series concept will be movies based on Shakespeare plays. But, you know, still in the horror genre with guys running around in tighty whities. Can't stray too far from a successful formula. They'll all start with "1616", which is the year Shakespeare died. The ones I know about are:

• 1616: Midsummer Nightmare - Based on A Midsummer Night's Dream. A college professor steals Titania's crown, and the fairies slaughter students on campus trying to find it.
• 1616: Vengeful Spirit - Based on Hamlet. A man kills his brother so he can take over a powerful corporation. The spirit of the murdered man haunts his son, seeking vengeance. But his son is a coward, so the spirit possesses him to enact retribution. Friends and family are killed when they get in the way.
• 1616: Mega-Shrew - Based on The Taming of the Shrew. A bickering newlywed couple honeymooning on an isolated island have to evade a shrew, mutated by nuclear waste into a giant ravenous monstrosity. Various campers are attacked and devoured along the way.
• 1616: Cannibal Madness - Based on Titus Andronicus. A family on vacation is marooned in a remote wilderness after their plane crashes. A local tribe takes them in and feeds them. Then the family discovers to their horror that the tribe are cannibals and they have eaten human flesh as well. The family flees and the tribe pursues. People from other tribes are encountered, killed and eaten during the pursuit.

I'll be able to reveal more in a couple of hours, including my sources. Let's keep this between us until then, OK? Back with you in a few.

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