Monday, October 31, 2011

A present for y'all

Am I getting crazier as I get older? Considering the starting point, I find that hard to believe. Or, when someone says they're being driven crazy, my response usually is, "Can't drive to a destination you're already at." Oh, Happy All Hallow's Eve, whilst I'm thinking about it. Anyway, next month (yep, that starts tomorrow) marks my 50th birthday. Gracious, that means I'm eligible to be on the NRHP! Not to be confused with the AARP, which I've got a few years yet to go.

No, take that back. I just checked and it's for 50-year-olds and over. When did that change? I thought it was for 65 and over. See what happens when you're not paying attention?

I'm fond of the hobbit birthday custom, as I mentioned last year, so I'm doing something special. Every day in November will have a wallpaper post. Some days only one wallpaper, others more. There'll be a big spectrum of guy types, so there should be something for everyone. Debated on how to present them, and decided on youngest to oldest. We'll started at age 20 and work up to a fellow 50-year-old. Hope y'all enjoy.

Oh, the photo above is of Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene from a Halloween party last year. Now there's an idea, Kellan as a superhero in spandex. Hollywood, are you listening?

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