Monday, June 6, 2011

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

This week only one of the guys has a gay connection, but it's direct, 'cause he's openly gay.

The young man in question is 28 year old theater actor Nick Adams. He's never done TV or movies, from what I can glean. Shame, considering how good he looks. And, my, what beautiful eyes he has.

Whilst examining his physiognomy, I couldn't help but think he reminded my of someone. Then it hit me. He's like a more muscular version of the YouTubing Tony Coburn.

OK, quick diversion. Tony makes excellent short films, mostly Doctor Who themed, frequently with Thomas Rees-Kaye. Both extremely talented, and rather cute besides. I'm more of a Thomas fan (his resume), maybe because he's loonier. Tony was a young Lucius Malfoy in one of the Harry Potter films, but sadly his scenes wound up on the cutting room floor. Check out Tony's stuff through his timelordfromhell account, and Thomas via his mastercrevasse account. Maybe someday I'll do wallpapers of them.

End of diversion. Now to discuss the other birthday subject, Shane West, who turns 33 this week. Hm, now that I look at him, he reminds me a bit of Mister Rees-Kaye. Both tall and lanky and spiky-haired. But Shane comes off as more sullen and badboy-esque. Not been terribly interested in his career, only seeing him in stuff by happenstance. Kind of liked him in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Oh, no gay connection with him. Hasn't even played gay, so it seems. Can't win 'em all.

Other birthdays this week:
•  Alexandre Despatie (26)
•  Dave Franco (26)
•  Eric Violette (30)
•  Dustin Lance Black (37)
•  Karl Urban (39) (previously featured)
•  Mark Feuerstein (40)
•  Gordon Michael Woolvett (41)
•  Dan Futterman (45)
•  Michael J. Fox (50)
•  Andrew Stevens (56) (previously featured)
•  James Darren (75)
•  Chad Everett (75)

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