Monday, April 25, 2011

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

I'll be honest. Channing Tatum doesn't do much for me. He's kind of good-looking, kind of built, and can dance and do martial arts, and used to do a bunch of modelling. A movie actor primarily, though I've hardly seen anything he's in. Mostly due to lack of interest, doncha know. But for those whose tastes lean that way, a wallpaper of him did I make.

I didn't realized he spent so much time in Florida, having gone to school in Tampa and lived in Miami for a while. He'll be 31 on Tuesday. That's all I care to dwell on him.

Much rather would I dwell on the beauty that is Tom Welling. I've dwelled on him before, in fact, more than once. You gotta love the Smallville guys. Speaking of which, this is the 10th and last season. There's rumors of an 11th, but I doubt it, as they'd have to pay Tom many truckloads of money to get him to stay. They could possibly entice him by letting him direct more episodes, or have a cut of the syndication rights. But I think this is it. A spin-off is possible, I suppose, and if it starred Justin Hartley, I'd definitely watch. There's even a group on Facebook that agrees with me. Tom's birthday is the same as Channing's, though Mr. Welling will be 34.

Anyway, I'm going to return to gazing at Tom. It's a pastime I highly recommmend.

Other birthdays this week:
•  Brett Novek (27) (previously featured)
•  Jon Fleming (30) (previously featured)
•  Steven Hill (33)
•  Rossi Morreale (34)
•  David Beckham (36)
•  Jeff Timmons (38) (previously featured)
•  Bailey Chase (39) (previously featured)
•  Charlie Schlatter (45)
•  Michael Damian (49)
•  Eric Stromer (50)
•  Douglas Barr (62)
•  Perry King (63) (previously featured)

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