Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DDoM - DeCoteau Dude of the Month

Here's a long term veteran of Dave's movies, all the way back to '98, Jason-Shane Scott. Which coincided with his run on One Life to Live, from '98 to '07. Dave must really like him, 'cause Jason's been in the following films (more than any other actor I can find):

     Shrieker (1998)
     Curse of the Puppet Master (1998)
     Wolves of Wall Street (2002)
     Stem Cell (2009)
     The Pit and the Pendulum (2009)
     Nightfall (2009)

I don't think he's had any gay roles, but he has appeared in very gay movies like Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss and Latter Days. Between that and working so often with openly gay DeCoteau, you just gotta love this guy. And the way he looks? Not a down side. He's only 34, by the way. I think he's only gonna get yummier as the years progress.

May have to drag myself out to the cinema to see his next project, Kerosene Cowboys, as it looks to be a hot guy and testosterone overload stew of a movie.

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  1. Have to agree with your assessment of Sebastian Spence. I'd certainly like to see him in some feature films.

  2. he had a gay role - in Desperate Housewives as a gay waiter Tad, though his scene is only like 5 seconds. But still, it's a gay character.


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