Monday, August 23, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

I used to watch All My Children somewhat back in the '70s, but stopped long before Cameron Mathison (41 on Wednesday) joined the show. I'd only ever seen pictures of him, but hubba-hubba. I had forgotten he was in 54, the first major thing he did. Hmm, more than just Ryan in it. I must get around to watching it, I've had the DVD for quite a while.

Anyway, I loved him when he did Dancing With The Stars. That was when the show began to seem cursed, what with Jane's mother passing and Marie fainting, then losing her father. Even though Cameron didn't make it to the finals, he nearly did, so he was on for a good long time. More of the wonder that is Cameron can be found here and here. Oh, and here too.

William Levy Gutierrez. He'll be 30 on Sunday. I'd say Billy has the potential for a long career, looking as he does. He started out as a model, then went on to become a telenovela fixture. The latest thing he's done is Sortilegio, with muy tórrido Gabriel Soto. Billy's telenovela career appears to involve much shirtlessness, and swimming in pools in skimpy trunks. The boy's not shy, as can be seen in this very NSFW series of underwear modelling shots for N2N. Yeah, it's him, though he's gone blonder lately. It's like I've always said. Women have been objectified for ages, the time is way overdue for the tables to be turned.

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