Monday, June 7, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Today is Kiwi Karl Urban's birthday. He's most likely known now for playing Éomer in the The Lord of the Rings films and Bones in that movie. But I'll always think of him as Cupid on Hercules and Xena. As a blonde, he's blistering. And I can't get over how tiny his waist was. Or were his shoulders just that wide. Mmmmm. He also played Julius Caesar, which is as diametrically different as you can get from Cupid. Man's got chops. Before all that, he was, like young Adam, on the long-running New Zealand soap Shortland Street.

Thursday Jonathan Bennett will be celebrating. He did some early work on All My Children, playing JR Chandler. Not bad, considering some of the other guys who've played him. It looked like he'd go big after Mean Girls. I remember him from Love Wrecked, which I watch sporadically for Chris, but found myself liking Jonathan better. Then he became prequel guy, doing the ones for Dukes of Hazzard and Van Wilder. Not good, when the only work you can get is straight-to-DVD. Boy can do better, so here's hoping. More to see here.

GAY ROLES (Urban): Shortland Street

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