Monday, May 31, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Two guys who, imho, should be shirtless as often as possible.

Philip Olivier birthday is Friday. He's another Brit who, like one of last week's offerings, is very gay-friendly. He even went so far as to host the Mr Gay UK competition in 2005, and played a gay character the following year. Love a straight guy that is that secure in his sexuality. The fact that he's got a body that won't quit is purely incidental.

What? What are y'all laughing at? No, really, what?

I forgot about the Doctor Who connection. Philip did several audio plays for Big Finish as a Seventh Doctor companion.

This Saturday sees Mark Wahlberg another year older. Here's a guy with a body that won't quit and can't be fired. Now that he's a serious thespian, he doesn't go shirtless nearly as often. But he has offered us years to appreciate the effort he made to get that body, as far back as the Marky Mark days. And he still shows it off occasionally. We'll be appreciating him for years to come, methinks.

GAY ROLES (Olivier): Hollyoaks: In the City

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