Monday, February 8, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Victor Webster

Taylor Lautner

Belated birthday wishes to Victor Webster (it was yesterday). He got started on Days of our Lives, but I first noticed him on Mutant X. Goodness gracious, mega-muy caliente!

He's not shy about showing off what his momma gave him, for which I say "Thank you, Lord." Cases in point: The Chippendales Murder, his spread in Playgirl, and Sex and the City, to name a few. And why should he be shy? That's a body of work that deserves to be displayed as much as possible. More to see here and here.

He seems to be popular in the Spelling-verse, with his appearing on Charmed and the Melrose Place revival. Don't see the boy being unemployed for many moons to come.

Which seques into Thursday being the 18th birthday of Taylor Lautner. I remember seeing him in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D. Definitely talented, especially for a 13-year old. I've not seen Twilight, nor plan to see any of the movies in that series. The whole teen vampire craze, not so interested. Wish he hadn't bulked up so for New Moon, though. 'Cause it makes him look older, and I have to keep catching myself. I'll think, "Dang, boy's hot," then slap myself, since he's a teenager and still a minor in some states. Him turning 18 this week helps, but I'll be happier when he hits 21.

Could he be the next Victor Webster? He's certainly got the martial arts moves and the build going for him. The face, still a little "off" to me. Hasn't stopped the fangirls, but will they still squee over him in his twenties or (horrors!) his thirties? Only time will tell.

GAY ROLES (Webster): Must Love Dogs, Melrose Place

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