Friday, December 18, 2009

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - extra

All the birthday boys today are over 40, which goes to show that some things definitely get better with age.

First is 44 year old Shawn Christian. I think I first saw him in Tremors 3, though I didn't fully appreciate his charms, b/c he didn't take his shirt off. Apparently he was in a few eps of Charmed, but you couldn't prove it by me. Though I didn't really watch it much, I began paying attention to him more in Summerland. He started out in soaps, on ATWT. Now he's on DOOL. As to why I find him of interest, lookie here, here and here.

Next is another favorite of mine, Casper Van Dien, who turns 41. I have two words for you: Starship Troopers. And two more: Starship Troopers 3. Over ten years between the two, and he's just as do-able now as he was then.

Some may think I've saved the best for last. See what you think in the next post.

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