Monday, August 24, 2009

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Chaddie, Chaddie, Chaddie. When first did I stumble over Chad Michael Murray, who turns 28 today? Must've been Gilmore Girls. Began appreciating his talents even more after Dawson's Creek. He became the WB "It" boy, which explains the infamous pilot for the never-developed Lone Ranger series. On the plus side, Chad in cowboy get-up, and out of it (about 1:40 in). Still, they liked him enough to cast him as a lead in One Tree Hill. Because of his tremendous acting skills only, not for any other reason. Certainly not his areoliciousness.

Alas, he won't be returning to the show this fall. Wonder what he'll get up to now? And how much shirtlessness will be involved. And what hairstyle he'll have? Seriously, over the course of his career, I think he's had his hair done in more ways than Greg on CSI. Not a big fan of the buzzcut, but he continues to be humptastic, no matter how much or little hair he's got.

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