Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Drew Van Acker Week! Day 1

Finally! A few months back, Drew Van Acker revealed in an interview that his birthday is April 2. So I decided to celebrate by declaring this Drew Van Acker Week. Starting today (his 26th birthday), there'll be new wallpapers of him every day, and the occasional video. Until there aren't. I've not gotten this carried away since Beemer Day. Which figures, since they're both among my top 42 guys. And in the upper half at that. Yeah, I like the pretty, but with a bit of "umph" hunkiness.

Drew did quite a bit of modelling (for Abs and Fitch and Hollister), which has provided plenty of wallpaper material. The fact that a lot of it was underwear modelling (including some really racy stuff for International Jock) only makes it that much better. He even did a cover for Genre back in '06, so he's not afeared of the gays.

He eventually entered the acting arena, like others before him, bursting onto the scene in 2009 on the WB series The Lake.

What? Me neither. It was a web miniseries (only 12 episodes), and actually doesn't seem to have gotten much notice.

So really he burst onto the screen the following year as the lead in Cartoon Network's live action series Tower Prep. Sadly, it only lasted one season, and ended on a cliffhanger.

But it wasn't long before he got work again (no surprise) as a regular on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. Which has intelligently played to his strengths. I think he looked stylin' with his earlier short hair, but I'm liking the current longer moppy hair.

We'll start with wallpapers derived from his time on The Lake. Enjoy this week of Drewgasms. Hoping you don't develop Ackerphobia and end up in a puddle of Drewl. More like a pool of Drewl. That's a pool I wouldn't mind drowning in.

Should you wish to engage in further Van(Acker)dalism, check the ever reliable Superherofan, the American Idle blog, and the Drew Van Acker Crew. Who are also on YouTube.

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